Building a new a restored a healthy a united an "ImPowered" Tampa

We Want To See More Children And Young People Truly Living By Embracing Their Potential And Learning Valuable Life Skills Along The Way.

Impowered Minds is a youth organization that focuses on education, recreation, and mental health. Our primary platform is fishing. We mentor, coach, and help direct the youth on and off the water.

Fatherhood is mandatory!

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Our Mission

To establish a better comprehension of self for each child. Self-integrity, self-respect, self-confidence, and ultimately lead to being a positive influence in life. We also teach and promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy and focus on each child learning a trade.

How Can We Help?

We want to walk alongside children and families to not only inspire and encourage but to provide a support system and tools for them to thrive. Our fishing trips allow space to laugh together, bond, and build trust. In those relationships, we offer whatever services we can to help young people succeed.


There are many ways to help our cause


Support us by donating anything for kids found at your local department store. Toys, laptops, school supplies, bicycles, etc. - they all help move the mission forward.


Organizations are only as good as the supportive members participating in the efforts of not only the children's parents, but also members of the community. Please join us in in building up our youth.