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Support our mission! Make a positive impact today. Join us now!

Make a Positive Impact!

Support our mission! Make a positive impact today. Join us now!

Build Up The Next Generation!

Support our mission! Make a positive impact today. Join us now!

"Restore" Our Community!

Support our mission! Make a positive impact today. Join us now!

Our Mission

Empowering Futures: Fostering Self-Discovery, Integrity, and Entrepreneurial Excellence in Every Child!

To establish a better comprehension of self for each child. Self-integrity, self-confidence, and ultimately lead to being a positive influence in life. We also teach and promote entrepreneurship financial literacy and focus on each child learning a trade.

In a few words...

We are an exhilarating youth movement at the intersection of education, recreation, and mental well-being! Dive into a world where fishing is not just a sport but a platform for growth. We’re not just mentors; we’re navigators, guiding youth both on and off the water. Join us as we cast a ripple of positive change and empowerment youth on and off the water.

Check out our Programs and Join us!

Get ready to be inspired and make a difference in our Community and a child’s life! Whether you want to become a Volunteer, a Vendor, or a Sponsor! Choose from our Recreational, Educational, and Mental Health programs. Click on the icon below to see our exciting lineup of programs designed to empower our communities, support personal growth, and foster connections. 

Who are We?

We are more than just an organization; we are a family.

Together, we can build a brighter future for Tampa Bay.

ImPowered Minds Inc is not just about making a difference—it’s about creating a legacy of empowerment, integrity, and excellence. Welcome to our community. Welcome to a brighter future.

Our Impact

We believe that real change starts at the grassroots level. Through our dedicated efforts, we have seen remarkable transformations—students excelling in school, individuals starting successful businesses, and neighborhoods coming together to create lasting change. Each success story fuels our passion and commitment to do more.





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Ways to Support

Make A Donation

Restore Tampa, Empower Our Youth! Want to make a real impact? Join us in transforming the city of Tampa! Your donation today helps us empower the futures of our youth by fostering self-discovery, integrity, and entrepreneurial excellence in every child. Together, we can create a “Restored” Tampa that leads to a “New” Tampa. Donate now and be part of this incredible journey!

Become A Volunteer/Vendor

Make a Difference Today! Seeking passionate individuals and innovative vendors to join our mission of empowering lives and creating positive change. As a volunteer, you can make a tangible impact and be part of a supportive community. For vendors, partnering with us means showcasing purpose-driven products to a conscious consumer base and contributing to our empowering initiatives.

ImPowered Merch

Feel the Impact of Your Purchase! At ImPowered Minds Inc, every dollar you spend goes directly towards funding our programs and initiatives. From educational workshops and mental health support to community outreach and skill-building activities, your purchase makes a real difference. You’re not just buying a product—you’re investing in brighter futures and stronger communities.

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Together We Are Making a Positive Impact in Our City!

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